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Four Card Frenzy - 3K GTD

Embrace the Chaos: Four Card Frenzy Ignites Sunday Evenings!

Dive into the whirlwind of excitement with the Four Card Frenzy tournament, taking the stage every Sunday at 6 PM. This unique event kicks off with a $150 buy-in, providing players with a 25K starting stack and maintaining the momentum with rapid 20-minute levels. Designed for those who crave a twist on PLO poker, the Four Card Frenzy introduces an additional layer of strategy and unpredictability, challenging participants to adapt and thrive amidst the frenzy. It's an ideal battleground for players looking to test their skills in a dynamic setting, offering a refreshing change of pace and the opportunity to engage in intense competition. Whether you're a seasoned poker player or eager to explore new formats, join us for an evening of strategy, skill, and the sheer thrill of the game. Let the frenzy begin!

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