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Super Sunday - 5K GTD

Super Sunday: Elevate Your Weekend with the Ultimate Poker Challenge!

Cap off your weekend in style with the Super Sunday tournament, a highlight event that takes center stage every Sunday at 11 AM. This engaging competition offers participants a robust 30K starting stack for a $200 buy-in, combined with strategic 20-minute levels that balance the thrill of the game with the depth of play. Tailored for those who seek to dominate the tables in a high-energy environment, Super Sunday is your chance to test your skills, adapt your strategy, and outplay your opponents in a battle of wits and endurance. Whether you're looking to clinch the weekend's biggest win or simply enjoy the camaraderie and challenge of a well-structured tournament, Super Sunday provides the perfect setting. Prepare to bring your best game, make every hand count, and possibly walk away as the champion of the weekend.

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